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Boy Seriously Burnt By Acid From Skechers Light-Up Sneakers

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A nine-year-old boy has suffered second-degree chemical burns on his feet after the battery in his light-up Skechers leaked corrosive acid. It’s reported that Peyton Foster’s S-Light sneakers malfunctioned after getting wet during water activities at school.

‘The day it happened, he came home and said ‘My feet hurt’. They were a little bit red, I didn’t think anything of it – maybe that they were cold from playing in the water,’ explains Sherry Foster, Peyton’s mother.

‘The next day he came home and was really complaining. That’s when we decided, okay, what do we do, so we took him to the doctor. She’d seen it one other time, that’s what gave it away. He had second degree chemical burns.’

The pain from the burns left Peyton unable to walk. He was prescribed an antibiotic cream to help heal the blisters, but will also require steroid treatment.

Sherry says she’s been in contact with Skechers, who’ve offered any of their sneakers as a free replacement pair. However, the brand may have to up that offer, as the outraged mother is considering legal action.

‘He burnt his feet, but he doesn’t want another pair,’ she says. ‘There was no warning on them, like don’t get wet, or battery inside shoe or anything like that. ‘How are you supposed to know? What if it rains the next day?’

Sherry purchased the sneakers for $60 and says she has been loyal to Skechers for years because it’s an .

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