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01 Aug 2007

Industry News

Box-Fresh - Crease Preventing Inserts

Box Fresh Crease Preventing Inserts 4

The BOX-FReSH Inserts are the top Crease Preventing Inserts on the market today. The inserts prevent creasing in the toebox of patent leather/leather sneakers. They are comfortable, and designed to work while you walk keeping your sneakers brand new longer. You can buy them online direct from Box Fresh at

We were skeptical when we first heard about these however equally intrigued as we've all suffered from toe box creasing especially with leather. The Protector model is one of the first we saw and it did the job but it's extreme rigidity made it slightly uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time although it should be said it gets the job done. It was designed to protect the most prized of shoes and wasn't meant for every day use and up until recently that was the best on the market, but now Box Fresh has released the Universal which is a much more pliable version with softer material being used. It fits are huge range of shoes easily and believe it or not is actually wearable for extended periods. With this model now available any reservations we previously had a quashed and we can confidently recommend the Universal insert to anyone who can't stand the ugly sight of a creased toebox!

They fit popular sneaker models including the Air Force 1, Air Jordan, Infiltrator, SB and other popular sneakers from Nike. And they fit Adidas Campus 2 and similar brands, as well as DC, Etnies, KSwiss and other popular brands. Check the reviews here.

Box Fresh also have a comparison gallery that demonstrates the inserts - view here

We also did our own comparison with some beaters we had in the office (picture above and below). You can see the immediate support the Box-Fresh inserts provide. Whilst we recommend you use the inserts way before your shoes get to this stage to stop creases from ever happening, it's still worth seeing the life they can bring back to kicks that need some love!

Thanks to the kind people at Box-Fresh, we have 10 promo packs to give away! Each pack contains 1 pair of the very wearable Universal which gets our vote from the available models, plus 1 pair of the Protector which is the tougher model for sneakers that you would rarely wear and require extra care in the form of strong support.

Here is some more info on the insert models we have as prizes.. for more details visit


The Universal Insert is our comfort king! Made from a soft, low density plastic, the Universal is the everyday compliment to keeping your sneakers crease free.

It offers the same shape as the Protector and our everyday model. The Universal offers full flex of the foot as you walk and complete coverage into the midsole (like the Protector). BUT it's softer, more pliable construction allows the Universal to fit more sneakers. From Adidas, to Zoo York, to Nike - The Universal finds itself at home anywhere.


The BOX-FReSH Protector is the model of choice for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors.

It's got legs! The Protector is an extended Insert that supports itself through the midsole. This model is specifically designed for full protection from creasing in the toebox to the midsole of the sneaker. It's firm rigid construction tips the scales towards full protection and is perfect for those rare joints that you need to rock but don't want to get creased up!

And comfort? We got that taken care of! The Protector isn't meant for everyday use, and is focuses on protection, but we have put together a collection of Tips & Tricks for you on our forum to increase the comfort if you're lookin to rock these everyday!

01 Aug 2007

Industry News

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