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Bone, Thugs & Homies Tees

Bone, Thugs & Homies is a new line of tees by Melburnian street brand, For The Homies. A testament to all things we held sacred that were brought to us by the cassette tape, from the tiny fine print on sleeve notes, dedicating shout outs to this, that and the third, to the album artwork. The Homies crew thought it was high time to commemorate those days with fresh lookin' graphic prints, including one of the D-O-double-G on a fine selection of tees. Get on it now, available at all Homies stockists.


Growing up, album artwork and sleeve note shout-outs were the origin of a
lot of my information. Being strictly into Hip-Hop, it was difficult to get
news on the artists I was into. Rage would play the occasional filmclip late
at night, and Smash Hits would have some small gossip about the Fresh Prince
(and many, many interviews with KrisKross), but it was mostly dead ends.
Plus also I didn't want to hear about kids my own age in backwards pants, I
wanted to hear about guns, over beats!

Living pretty far from the source (and not being able to afford The Source),
repeatedly reading the fine print of my cassettes, I pieced together the
personal feelings of rappers, noted which god they were down with, which
MC's they dissed, learned their mother's names and who's couch they slept on
during production. Only getting a new album every few months at the most,,
there wasn't much else to siphon knowledge from. Each crack and fold on this
graphic comes from the bottom of my schoolbag, and is a testament to the

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