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Bodega Commandments Mug Pack

Straight up, this is one of the most genius concepts we have seen in a while – and of course it came from none other than your friendly Boston based sneaker gods, Bodega. The 'Commandments' Mug highlights some very well known 1997 chemistry notes, as taught by none other than everyones favourite teacher of the streets, Mr. Wallace. Each of Biggie's ten crack commandments – or successful life points as we like to look at them – can be found printed on the side of the mug – accurate measurements and all – with a matching t-shirt and wrapped up in one tight canned set. At $12 USD for the mug and $40 USD for the set, you would straight clownin' not to cop one! On the real though, is there actually anyone out there that  really does not enjoy the sweet-melodic tunes of the Notorious B.I.G? – the answer is no! Get to Bodega asap before these gems are all lapped up.,

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