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Bobbito Garcia and Omar Acosta Launch ARO1 Boriken Sneaker NFTs

Bobbito Garcia x Omar Acosta ARO1 Boriken NFT La Cancha
La Cancha
Bobbito Garcia x Omar Acosta ARO1 Boriken NFT La Resistencia
La Resistencia
Bobbito Garcia x Omar Acosta ARO1 Boriken NFT PR Love
PR Love
Bobbito Garcia x Omar Acosta ARO1 Boriken NFT Que Bonita Bandera
Que Bonita Bandera
Bobbito Garcia x Omar Acosta ARO1 Boriken NFT La Borinqueña
La Borinqueña

For those of a certain generation, Bobbito Garcia is your favourite sneakerhead’s favourite sneakerhead. DJ (look up the Big L x Jay-Z freestyle on YouTube – you’ll understand), author, filmmaker brand consultant and collaborator extraordinaire are just some of the creative pies he’s stuck his thumb into, but it really should be known that he’s owned the whole bakery for a long, long time. The next venture he’s making into the sneakersphere actually takes a brief stop at the Metaverse, as he’s launching a virtual sneaker NFT.

In partnership with Omar Acosta, who art directed and co-produced Garcia’s last two films, the duo have designed an original sneaker NFT to celebrate the 126th anniversary of the Puerto Rican flag on December 22. Known as the ARO1 Boriken, each ‘pair’ – presented in immersive detail as a unique animation – features artwork and photography by the collaborators, plus an additional edition showcasing artwork from the La Borinqueña comic strip designed by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. A portion of net profits from this pair will go towards Afro-Boricua grassroots programs based in Puerto Rico, distributed via the non-profit La Borinqueña grants program.

‘Creating 3D animated digital sneakers as NFTs is taking it to the next level. There are no creative limitations from brand execs!’ said Garcia.

The Bobbito Garcia x Omar Acosta x Edgardo Miranda-Rodrigue ARO1 Boriken is currently trading on OpenSea. Rarity ranges from ‘Grail’, such as the ‘La Cancha’ colourway that is an edition of 5, to ‘Community’ for the ‘Que Bonita Bandera’, which is still fairly tight at 130 examples. Check out the lots here.

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