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Blue Gold Documentary X Akomplice Tee

Our friends over at Akomplice have teamed up with the makers of the feature-length documentary "Blue Gold: World Water Wars" to release a socially conscious line of t-shirts and water bottles in a bid to raise awareness of the impending global water crisis. The 2008 documentary depicts a future in which a power struggle over the control of the world's dwindling water supply will lead to war. Akomplice have applied the film's provocative cover art of a water bottle fashioned into a grenade to their t-shirt range in addition to producing metallic water bottles. 100% of the profits raised from sales will be donated to Food & Water Watch, an organization dedicated to ensuring the sustainable production of earth's food and water supply. The products will be available from September 3rd on Akomlice Webstore and will also come with a copy of the full length DVD Blue Gold film for no extra charge.

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