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Bliss N Eso X G-Shock Colab Model Revealed

Two years in the making, with parties in Melbourne and Sydney celebrating the partnership, the Bliss n Eso x G-Shock ‘Time Stops Still In The Eye of the Storm’ colab has been unveiled. Here we see the official pics of the G-Shock DW6900BNE-1D – a matte black bezel leads to a camouflage band, which was inspired by Bliss n Eso’s trip to visit troops in Afghanistan, with turquoise accenting on the face connecting with the turquoise backlight, which shines with the group’s logo. It’s pretty goddamn dope! Congrats to the boys for being the first ever G-Shock collaborators for the Australian market, and for designing an impressive G-Shock.

Only 1,000 of these have been produced and will be available from select G-Shock retailers and the G-Shock x BnE microsite from 9am this Wednesday, October 15. Peep the video below to see the watch in action.


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