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Bit10 Clothing

Straight outta Honolulu comes provocative pervs Bit10 (aka Bitten) Clothing with their in-your-face tees! Established in 2009, the fellas over at Bit10 have made it a point to create a label that knows no boundaries - the more shocking the image the better. As CEO Leroy states "We wanted to call the brand BITTEN because people are always gonna bite each other's styles and designs, including ours. From BITTEN, the name got changed to BIT10, which could still have the same meaning, but sometimes we also think of it as an acronym for Better Insight Times 10.  Just like our designs, our name is ambiguous and open to interpretation.  Since people perceive things from their own perspective, we will let the consumer decide."

From the Lindsay Lohan banana sucking tee to the awesome C.R.E.A.M. tee, you can have your piece of this perverted pie by hitting up their online store here.

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