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Big Sean Shows Off Sneaker Collection

Inside Big Seans Crib 1
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The little man with the big ego and big hooks has welcomed The Coveteur inside his trilogical crib to show off some of his favourite articles of clothing and footwear while talking a bunch of stuff about his career. Here's some choice quotes form the interview that you might find ever so slightly interesting...

On how Kanye ended up at adidas
"[Kanye and I] inspire each other but he has definitely inspired me,” Big Sean says. “I feel like he is the most stylish person. Him and Pharrell are the two people I know that are just style icons you know. But me and Kanye are just… I’ve seen his style change so many times, I’ve seen him change the game, style-wise. I mean, I came to him with Adidas way before he was even thinking about it. I was designing with them first and I was like, ‘Adidas is the shit’ and he was like, ‘Yeah?’ and then eventually he came over. Before Pharrell, before anybody. I’ve learned a lot from Kanye and just in general, not just from style. Just everything."

What's next for Sean and adidas
“I just had a conversation with Adidas and we’re working on something new. It’s a great partnership, they’re great people. I really want to elevate it from everything I’ve done; take it to another level. So we’re working on that, but it’s still a brainstorming process. They have ideas and we have ideas and we come together, and it is what it is. It’s pretty cool and creative; they have great offices and a great staff and great people. They have a vision and they’re also down to help your vision.”

On his personal style
“I feel like my style changes as I go. I find myself coming back to things, but exploring them in a different way. I pick up a jacket from, like, four years ago and just wear it with something completely different. I have key pieces that I make sure stick around but other than that, yeah, it definitely changes. I just try not to think about it too much. But it is a really important part of just… being happy is making sure you look good for yourself, and feel good.”

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