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Big Baller Brand's ZO2 Has a New Theme Song

Big Baller Brand Zo2 Theme Song 1Big Baller Brand Zo2 Theme Song 1

is taking a leaf out of Hamburger Helper’s book and advertising his wares with catchy trap beats. After big-upping his younger brother in , Zo has turned the spotlight back onto himself and his signature with the new ‘ZO2’.

The track is a contender for catchiest sneaker jingle in the market right now, with a charmingly derivative hook that links back to back quatrains. Still, as much fun as it would be to bag on his musical endeavours – Lonzo isn’t a bad rapper. On this track he even follows up the flow with lines that subtly drag the brands that didn’t sign him. ‘All my socials got the check / If you’re talking out of line / Put three stripes across your neck / And my under armour X-Men / X-Men without the X.’

Stay tuned for the next instalment of BBB bars, where (god willing) LaVar releases his signature shoe alongside a rap that rips into Shaq’s low-cost sneakers.

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