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Beyoncé 2014 Calendar Cheek Peak

Thumb Beyonce 2014 Calendar 2Thumb Beyonce 2014 Calendar 2
Beyonce In Brunswick
Beyonce 2014 Calendar 1
Beyonce 2014 Calendar 2
Beyonce 2014 Calendar 3
Beyonce 2014 Calendar 4
Beyonce 2014 Calendar 5

Who the heck buys calendars anymore? House husbands and grandmas, maybe. You've got an organiser on your damn phone. Actually, I bought my little sister one the other day but that's only 'cos it has mad crazy origami toy things you can make inside it. I probably made a mistake though, I shoulda got this one, at least it would make my infrequent but still tedious visits to my dad's house more bearable, plus  girls love Beyoncé. Mrs Carter née Knowles' camp is making a big deal about this calendar too, releasing plenty of teasers to get you titillated. Well, now it's out and you can buy it here, but no one buys calendars so just look at some fresh shots from the shoot above and see a cheeky, pouty behind the scenes video below. Also, check the gallery for the pic that has got all of Melbourne talking on a very slow news day – Beyoncé was spotted in one of our filthy inner north suburbs in front of a house that looks like Hurricane Katrina had a merry dance with it. Hot stuff. Could this be for the 2015 calendar?

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