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Fake New Balance Sf998 1
Fake New Balance Sf998 1
Fake New Balance Sf998 1

Beware Of Fake Tassie Devils

It's been a bonanza of a weekend down here in OZ, and like proud parents sending off their kids for their first day of school, we here at Sneaker Freaker have been left grinning from ear to ear. Seems like we aren't the only ones who are proud of our New Balance 998 colab, a slimy slew of fakes have popped up on the net! The unsanctioned reproductions are pretty easy to identify, keep your eyes out for ghetto embroidery, off colouring, banana shaped shoes, general wackness and, of course, too good to be true pricing. Although all Australian releases have flown the coop, stay tuned for a list of European and Asian retailers who are set to flog the Tassie Devils from March 30. Shop safe people!

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