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The Best Solange Vs Jay Z Showdown Gags

The Internet has been rejoicing in seeing the home lives of the apparently perfect power couple of Bey Z and Jayonce may not be so peaceful. Many jokes have been made, some ain't so funny, most mildly amusing, and a few bonafide home runs. Girl did go hard at Jigger Man's manhood though, imagine if that high heel left hook actually connected properly, Jay Zed would have a whole lot more source material to rap about – could he do a 'Watch The Cojones' album with Christ Bearer. No one except the folks in the elevator know what went down to set Solangel off, but that hasn't stopped people guessing. Please enjoy a selection of video and photo gags to get you through ten minutes of guilty pleasure, then resume your own life and stop caring about this crap.



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