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Ben Baller Says His Supra Colab Is Coming Out Soon

Thumb Ben BallerThumb Ben Baller
Ben Baller

Almost five years ago, Ben Baller was touring America helping promote the TK Society High Top and gleefully let slip that he had his own colab model with Supra booked in. Complications arose though, and we never saw the fruits of the labour. We spoke with Ben yesterday, and he revealed the deal was back on and that the shoe he's been working on will drop shortly.

'It's coming out soon, very soon,' he said. 'You're hearing that first, it's back on and it's ready.' Ben said his design featured some croc skin styling and was black. 'I can't say a lot about it, but it's an all-black shoe and it looks incredible. You'll know that it's a Ben Baller shoe.'

Stay tuned on this one, we haven't heard a lot from Supra on the colab front recently so this could be interesting...

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