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Behold the new Sneaker Bible

Sneakers are a borderline religion. And a religion usually demands some sort of chunky tome crammed with text to live by. Behold Sneakers.

Written by journalists Alex French and Howie Kahn, and designed by Rodrigo Corral; Sneakers gathers artists, journos, athletes and celebrated designers and collates their sage sneakerspeak into sneaker culture’s new bible.

Sneakers dissects the footwear phenomenon across 300 pages and more than 100 interviews. Its list of contributors is far longer than any millennial’s attention span, but expect wisdom and insight from industry legends Tinker Hatfield, Virgil Abloh, Nic Galway, Bobbito Garcia, Kobe Bryant and Alexander Wang, to name a few.

And if the luminaries aren’t your thing, Sneakers features smaller fish too. Insiders dish on what it’s like to work with picky collaborators (read: Kanye et al), and publishers of your favourite sneaker mags [cough cough, Sneaker Freaker, cough cough] offer insights into how sneaker news is best broken. In addition, collectors tell tales of grail hunts that begin in Philadelphia and end in the Middle East.

As the book’s authors say, ‘Despite our title, this book isn’t really about shoes. Sneakers chronicles creativity and hustle, art and design, big business and bigger dreams, adventure and risk, refining taste and deciding the future, the mindful labour of working together and working alone.’

If this sounds up your alley, follow Sneakers on Instagram and be ready to add to cart when the book drops on October 24.

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