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Nigo Bape Ferrari 1
Ferrari A Bathing Ape 1
Bape Ferrari Hong Kong 1
Bape Ferrari Supercar 1
Bape First Camo Ferrari 1
Bape Girls 1
Bathing Ape Ferrari 458 Gt 1
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Ferarri Bape Hong Kong 1
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Ferrari Prancing Horse 1
Nigo Mr Bathing Ape 1
Nigo Dj 1
Bape Camo Car 1
Bape Racing Car 1
Bape Ferrari 458 Gt 1
A Bathing Ape Ferrari 1

BAPE X Ferrari 458 Italia Gt Camo Supercar!

We've seen Bape camo clad on a Rolls Royce and scooter before, but never on anything as beastly as this Ferrari 458 Italia GT. The centerpiece of a recent Hong Kong party thrown by Bape's new masters at the I.T fashion group, the event was attended by monsieur Nigo in a dapper Mr Bathing Ape ensemble. Thanks to Travis K. from Freshness for the pics.

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