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BAPE Bringing Back Original BAPE STA Silhouette


ICYMI, Nigo sold BAPE to Hong Kong conglomerate I.T back in 2011. Following the sale, many iconic BAPE designs and products remained largely unchanged, while the BAPE STA sneaker was unceremoniously altered in 2016, distancing its design away from its conspicuous Nike Air Force 1 ‘inspiration’. Now it looks like things are returning to how they used to be, with new pics of the BAPE STA in a modified silhouette that appears to be closer to the original design.

I.T got directly in touch with SF and sent the above photos across. Rather than bringing back the crazy Bling Era patent editions, BAPE are going understated here with tonal leather colourways. All-white and all-black are simple and clean, but that third beige option is quite mature for the 20-year-old model.

There are some carryover design cues from the incumbent version, such as the oversized dubrae and midsole unit, plus some new features, including double-layered heel tab and metal top eyelet.

It’s no secret the BAPE STA has been consciously ‘homaging’ the Air Force 1 since the early 2000s. Whether by otherworldly luck, or expert knowledge of international copyright law, BAPE have always seemed to avoid massive injunction from the lawyers at Beaverton, unlike one Warren Lotas.

These rather grainy shots denote that the official release hasn’t been locked in just yet, but I.T confirm it’ll happen some time in 2021.

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