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Baltimore Sportsmart Ransacked For Sneakers

Sportsmart Baltimore Looted
Sportsmart Baltimore Looted 1
Sportsmart Baltimore Looted 2
Sportsmart Baltimore Looted 3

There's been some crazy stuff going down in Baltimore following the funeral of a resident, Freddie Gray, who died as a result of some depraved cop behaviour. Many people were rightly pissed off, and took to the streets to show they'd had enough of police brutality by getting brutal with police. The fuzz aren't the only ones who suffered, there was also widespread looting of shops (some owned by people who likely also hated cops) including a Sportsmart, where all the hot footwear was ransacked. In the sea of cardboard left behind, amidst the debris of Nike boxes, remain some shoes that weren't smashed and grabbed – including the . Diss much?

This is not nice to see in any way, we're sending our good vibes to the city of Baltimore and hope the the Five-O and the people can straighten out their beef through talking and listening. A lot of listening.

Watch a video depicting the damage here.

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