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Bahumbizzle! Snoop Goes Scrooge For adidas


Serial shape shifter Snoop Lion has assumed a new role for adidas' star-studded holiday campaign. A short film will be released online next week featuring the artist formerly nicknamed D-O-Double-G as Christmas killjoy Scrooge, or 'Ebenezer Snoop'. The film also packs in appearances from Stan Smith, David Beckham, Derrick Rose and Rita Ora as holiday ghosts, plus Jeremy Scott, Steve Aoki, Yohan Blake, Andy Murray, Dwight Howard and more. From what we can tell most of it's going to be animated too, put together by Beavis & Butthead artist JJ Sedelmaier. adidas has just dropped some promo teasers for the film, check 'em out below – special shout out to the fourth one with Mark Gonzales pulling an impressive flat-body fall onto a spiky Christmas tree…

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