Gun Pulled Over Jordans 1
Gun Pulled Over Jordans 4
Gun Pulled Over Jordans 3
Gun Pulled Over Jordans 2

Attempted Shooting At Sneaker Meetup Caught On Camera

Police have just released footage of a sneaker sale turned nasty in the US, another reminder to stay safe out there when you’re handling heat – in more ways than one. The victim and the shooter appear to be linking up for a pre-arranged meet, when the troublemaker pulls a gun and lets off a few rounds. Luckily police have reported that there were no injuries, but it still doesn’t excuse that kind of behaviour. Don’t forget that you can only make some decisions once, be careful to make the right ones. The fuzz are on the hunt for the troublesome trio and we’re pretty sure they won’t let the dude rock his new Jays in the joint. Be smart and be safe.

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