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Asphaltgold Launch 'fittingroom' App


Internet shopping is well and truly in the mainstream now and most of us have decided our fears of identity theft are trumped by our need for a new pair of sneaks. That means the only stumbling block to buying shoes these days is knowing they fit when you can't try them on. German Sneaker e-tailer asphaltgold fields hundreds of emails asking if particular sneakers fit 'true to size', but the definition of that differs person-to-person so the clever Krauts have created an app that solves the dilemma for you. It works by letting you list the size of a specific pair you own and love the fit of, which is then converted into the appropriate size in the model you're interested in buying. It'll tell you if you should stay the same size, or go up or down a half or full size. We definitely support this development. Watch the video below for a little tour and download from here.


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