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Asos Presents Untitled 1
Asos Presents Untitled 1
Asos Presents Untitled 1

Asos Presents 'untitled'

UK's premier online fashion store ASOS has created a new menswear line 'Untitled' which utilises rare Nike, Adidas and New Balance sneakers to name a few. As UK's largest online fashion store, with over 9000 unique products, the brand has decided to jump on the limited and rare sneaker bandwagon to create this spine shattering 'Untitled' collection. ASOS will be selling a pair of the ultra rare Adidas 35th Superstar No. 35 pack for around £4000 so if you have a briefcase of cold hard cash, then make sure you put it to good use!

Other sneakers in the collection as selected by Crooked Tongues include the Dunk Lo Pro SB (London), Air Jordan 1 (vintage) and Air Force 1 (Stash). Not content at just über limited sneakers, there are also rare, collectible and highly sought-after sunglasses and record one-offs alongside limited edition clothes designed specifically for ASOS by a select group of hot young designers. So get that scrilla ready, you have until this Thursday to mortgage your house, sell your favourite child, or get a sugar daddy/mama, as all this dope proddy will hit the online store Thursday 16th October! And just in case you forgot what the Adidas 35th Superstar No.35 looked like, marvel at the magic below. All hail the three stripes!

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