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ASICS Collectors Petition to Bring Back OG GEL-Lyte III Shape

Asics Petition 1Asics Petition 1

Having an affliction for retro sneakers is always going to be a problem. Not only are you going to have to chase down bygone designs but, when they return, odds are that they don’t look exactly like you remember them. Changes are often made with materials, colours, shapes and, sometimes, names (we’re looking at you  — no one’s calling it the ‘Sunset’).

A group of  collectors are facing this problem with the shape of the current . They’re unhappy with what they call the ‘banana toe’ version (with a rounder toe that points upwards), and are petitioning to get ASICS to bring back the OG shape. Listed last week, the petition has already passed its goal of obtaining 1000 signatures, and now has a litany of disgruntled ’heads demanding the return of their cherished silhouette.

If you’re sympathetic to the cause, you can sign the petition here.

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