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Asics 60 Years Party Sydney 1 Copy
Asics 60 Years Party Sydney 1 Copy
Asics 60 Years Party Sydney 1 Copy

ASICS 60 Years Party - Sydney!

Oh TT - Yeah you know me!
2009 is a massive year for footwear milestones, with more than one brand celebrating a birthday in grand style. One of the best and most lavish parties we have had the opportunity of attending was the Onitsuka Tiger/Asics 60 Year Party held last week in Sydney. Now these guys really know how to throw a grapevine at a shindig! From the lychee-sweet cocktails to the flying fixie, the Sydney waterfront venue was decked out with an exhibition of highlights from the Japanese giant's history. The brand prides itself on its cultural foundations which made for an incredibly atmospheric night of entertainment. Conjuring up a ‘back to the future’ feel, there was a mixture of traditional Japanese folklore mashed in with the futuristic sounds of Harajuku girls back-scratching Kaos Pads.

With ASICS themed Minis on show, an endless supply of authentically mysterious finger food and a bottomless barrel of ale, the crowd were well entertained, and were also schooled by the amazing V-DJ show put on by Brisbane’s most insane video DJ, Sampology. Utilising a soundtrack and images to highlight the historical timeline of the company, Sampology blasted out the message from six massive screens. It’s a testament to the brand that fashionistas, sneakerfreaks, celebs and brand aficionados alike stayed from beginning to end, with everyone rewarded with a slice of the richest OT cake we have ever tasted!

Massive thanks go to the team for putting on one of the most memorable nights in sneaker history! Enjoy some of the highlights below.

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