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Artists Team Up to Create World's Largest adidas Originals Store

Fresh off working with a team of creative influencers in their latest Superstar campaign, adidas continue to show their commitment to supporting emerging artists' careers. In the adidas Originals Chicago flagship store, artists from IPaintMyMind have taken to the store's walls, floors and doors to create the world's largest adidas Originals store.

IPaintMyMind is a Chicago-based non-profit artist collective whose mission is to provide art supplies to Chicago schools that no longer receive government arts funding. Using the money they've netted from this deal with adidas Originals, the collective plans to help out three local schools in the next few weeks.

The store itself is located in Chicago's Wicker Park, and sits underneath a portion of the city's elevated railway system. As a result, much of the art within the store is inspired by all things trains (think: steel l-beams, graffiti, and the corrugated metal of carriage interiors).

Learn more about the world's largest adidas Originals store here, and be sure to pop by if you're in the area.

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