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23 Oct 2007

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Artempus Art Gallery

Artempus Art Gallery 1

Artempus is a new and original gallery concept for contemporary and sub-cultural art, with an emphasis on photography and street art. An essential component of the concept of Artempus is the temporary, ever-changing gallery location. Artempus will present the work of a host of different national and international artists for a maximum of only four months at each location. After each exhibition, there

will be a ‘creative break’, then Artempus will re-open elsewhere, with new contents, new interiors, and unexpected features. As well as purchasable exhibits from international artists, there will also be pieces on show which are not for sale from Varol’s private collection. Featuring artwork and toys from Kaws, Obey, ToyGiants and a host of other fine artists, this is the place to be seen!

TOYGIANTS by Daniel & Geo Fuchs
Until 24 October 2007

Artempus gallery presents the large-format pieces from the series TOYGIANTS by artists Daniel & Geo Fuchs, whose work is renowned worldwide. TOYGIANTS is a journey into the weird fantasy world of art-toys, action figures and Manga superheroes and shows the figures through its portrait-photos, productions and group-photos in a totally new way. The exhibition includes a representative cross-section of the series.

TRAPHIC by Marok
25 October - 9. November 2007

The exhibition and the brand-new book TRAPHIC by Berlin-based artist Thomas “Marok“ Marecki presents an interpretation of various networks, time frames, experiences and the general surroundings of modern-day existence, through a combination of visuals and texts based around the headline : ‘traffic’ + ‘graphic’ = TRAPHIC. The exhibition includes artwork, installations and video-installations.

REFLECT! group exhibition
10. November - 30. November 2007

REFLECT! shows the artwork of more than 30 internationally-recognised contemporary artists including Shepard Fairey, D*Face or Faile and as well national and international newcomers on the same plane. The presented artwork mainly comes from gallery owner Selim Varol’s private collection. REFLECT! offers a broad and varied view of the developments and tendencies current in the world of international sub-cultural and contemporary art.

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Grunflache K33

+49 (0) 33 33 .33 33

Mon - Fri 11am - 7pm
Sat 11am - 4pm

23 Oct 2007

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