ARTICLE BY Sneaker Freaker
Fire Drill Gloss White With Violet Stems Grey An4143 443 87 1
Stakeout Silver With Polished Black Stems Grey An3062 507 87 1
Wager Matte Black Grey Green An4144 01 71 1
Wager Striped Grey Havana Grey An4144 2048 87 1
Wager Striped Havana Brown An4144 2025 73 1
Wager Striped Havana Polar Gradient Brown An4144 2025 T5 1
Stakeout Brushed Brown Havana Polar Brown An3062 608 83 1
Stakeout Gold With Polished Black Stems Grey Green An3062 503 71 1
Stakeout Gunmetal With Grey Horn Stems Grey An3062 502 87 1
Fire Drill Gloss Black With Red Stems Polar Grey Gradient An4143 41 T3 1
Fire Drill Gloss Black Grey An4143 41 87 1
Fire Drill Gradient Brownt Polar Gradient Brown An4143 351 T5 1
Fire Drill Transparent Red Grey An4143 236 87 1
Fire Drill Transparent With Aqua Stems Grey An4143 248 87 1
Gloss Black Polar Grey Gradient An4144 41 T3 1
Wager Gloss Black With Transparent Stems Grey An4144 2047 87 1

Arnette Fall Collection

Arnette roll out a fresh selection of sunnies from their Fall 2010 range. The rounded wayfarer-style Fire Drills are bang-on in a range of  colourful crispy tints. The thick-armed Wager brings more of a sports feel, while the alloy framed Stakeout will keep you undercover when you're rollin' with the 5-0! Check them all out over at the Arnette website.

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