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A.R.C. X Umbro World Cup Pop-Up Shop

For the duration of the World Cup A.R.C. will be playing host to a pop-up shop showcasing Umbro's Word Champions collection. Dedicated to the seven nations to have lifted the World Cup trophy since its inception, each country has had their national strip and crest reinterpreted by a guest artist (check out the range in more detail here). Also available from the pop-up shop is a range of soccer themed colab items such as drink bottles, red/yellow card coasters and a referee's whistle. An outdoor viewing space has also been created where World Cap games can be seen live on the big screen.

The Umbro A.R.C. pop-up shop is located at 157 Rivington Street and the World Champions Space is located in the Alife Rivington Club courtyard, at 158 Rivington Street, in New York City's Lower East Side.

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