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Apartment Launch Party - Brisbane

Weeks later they sent us invitations to their super grand launch party. Because the next issue of SF was due out super soon, no one from the office could make it up, and we didn’t even think about it, even though the boys from Apartment said that we really should come and it was gonna be a night to remember. We had been so busy, it didn’t even cross our mind that maybe we should have made some time to attend this do.

Last week we received a package from Apartment, with a CD containing the pictures for the party. We have been kicking ourselves so hard since we’ve seen these photos. From the looks of it, Apartment has not only lived up to what they preached, but also delivered what they have promised. Interstate DJ’s, a fashion show, dancers…. the list goes on. You’ll get an idea of what we missed out on from the pics below.

Apartment – WE SALUTE YOU!

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