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Andy Uprock Poetry In Braile Peace Launch Pics 1
Andy Uprock Poetry In Braile Peace Launch Pics 1
Andy Uprock Poetry In Braile Peace Launch Pics 1

A.D. Uprock 'poetry In Braile Peace' Launch Pics

Our boy Andy Uprock has spread the love with some images from his recent ‘Poetry in Braille Peace’ exhibition. Utilising his Cuprocking to reach a larger audience, Andy set about making Braille works especially for those with hi low or no vision. What went down was a sensational night of art, once again crossing social borders and bringing together people through an extraordinary exhibit.

Andy recapped the night stating ‘after over two years of my Braille work with cups in Sydney, my first show for the blind took place November 26th, 2008 at the MTV galleries, Sydney. I collectively built a team for this show, thus being Georgie and Milenka from TMOD and photographer Jeremy Wolf, in all bringing together new life to an existing conscience. Our mission for this exhibition was to poetically engage the senses of the human heart, in turn alchemising and broadening new avenues in communication through the language of Braille.'

'The vision for this show is to give a new understanding to the language of Braille in society, opening up possibilities of a new conscience on how we as people perceive communication. In this case, an emotive interactive tangible language that can be touched and felt in an everyday urban street landscape with the simple medium of cups and chain-link fencing. Through this it opens up a whole new world for those with high low or no vision and in turn the evolution and creation of interactive Braille jewellery. Thanks to Vision Australia for their love and support, also to Dj's Juancho Mon and Black Ceaser for those dope '90s classics. Special special thanks to Mooks and VICE for their on going support, TMOD, Miller beer, Smirnoff and MTV.' For jewellery enquiries for the 'Poetry in Braille' collection email here.

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