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Ancuta Sarca Creates Limited Heel Collection Using Recycled Nike Sneakers

Ancuta Sarca

Sustainability has been a hot topic in the industry lately more than ever, with releases dropping like there's no tomorrow! Similarly, many designers and customisers have taken matters into their own hands, bringing their creativity to the forefront, breathing new life into sneakers through upcycling and reimagining designs.

One such designer, is London-based Ancuta Sarca, whose eponymous label was debuted during London Fashion Week 2019. Renowned for the unique way in which she brings together the worlds of luxury fashion and sportswear through the use of new and vintage fabrics, her sneaker hybrid heels are among some of her most recognisable designs.

The brand's latest project is an extremely limited collection in collaboration with British retailer Browns (adding to the brand's growing lineup of stockists so far), which features 100 one-of-a-kind pairs of pumps and kitten heels, all made out of recycled Nike sneakers.

While sustainability appears to be a key purpose behind the work, she says that it’s 'only natural for me to use eco-conscious approaches in everything I do,' as reported by Vogue.

‘Collection concepts are important to me, and juxtapositions are what distinguish my pieces. Bringing contrasting elements together – such as masculine and feminine, vintage and modern, sportswear and luxury – to create something both new and familiar.’

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