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Anattitude Issue 3 2
Anattitude Issue 3 2
Anattitude Issue 3 2

Anattitude Issue 3

We've been down with Anattitude since its inception, not only because it's the best Hip Hop magazine dedicated to the ladies, it's the only one! We caught up with Jee-Nice, Anattitude's first lady to talk about the premise of Issue 3. 'Welcome to the third issue of Anattitude Magazine, proudly presenting the ladies from back in the days. First, forget what you've heard about Hip Hop being a man’s world. 30 years ago, around 1976, Sha-Rock of Funky 4+1 and the girls from the all female DJ and MCcrew Mercedes Ladies started to spit their rhymes and spin their turntables. The first female rap on wax came in 1978 by sisters Paulette Tee and Tanya “Sweet Tee” Winley. In 1979 Sylvia Robinson built up the legendary Sugar Hill record label. And so on and on. So let’s dig a little deeper into Hip Hop history and let’s see what this huge Hip Hop culture was about in the late '70s and the early '80s.' Hit the image below to order your copy now.

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