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Yeezy Headphones
Yeezy Headphones 2

An Artist Has Designed Yeezy BOOST Headphones

A dude named Kegan McDaniel has conceptualised a pair of headphones based off the Yeezy Boost. Missing the derivative pitfalls of most clothing accessory crossovers like those hypebeast Jordan backpacks, McDaniel's headphones are actually kind of dope. His design wins because he keeps it simple; using the Yeezy sole as ear cushioning, the lace roping as the chord, and maintaining materials throughout.

On his Instagram, he notes that this design is the start of what will likely be a range of adidas shoe-inspired headphones. Nah, they ain't real. If this design piques your attention, stay locked to SF and we'll let you know as soon as more are previewed.

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