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American Footwear Industry Claps Back at Trump

Trump American Footwear Association 1Trump American Footwear Association 1

This week, Donald Trump some questionable accusations aimed at Canadians smuggling shoes over the border to avoid tariffs. Now, the American footwear industry’s business and trade association is clapping back with facts.

Matt Priest, the president of the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America, gave a statement to Business of Fashion saying that Canadians have no motive to smuggle shoes over the border. According to Priest, there are already initiatives in place to lower trade costs that would make smuggling unreasonable.

Priest went on to say that, if Trump was really concerned about the plight of American footwear companies, he would have signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership to lower costs.

‘On behalf of the American footwear industry, we welcome anyone from anywhere to come and purchase shoes in America… We don’t care where they wear them, and if they get scuffed up all the better so we can sell them more,’ Priest concluded.

You can read Trump's statements .

Image via Associate Press

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