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Amber B + Element Skateboards + Colette = Rad!

Amber B Element Skateboards Colette Rad 1

For the obscure, beautifully made, and appealing to the quirky at heart, Amber B's carnival of creatures will be on show again! From her humble beginnings on the Gold Coast, Australia, Amber B has taken her jamboree of hand-sewn creatures all over the world, from Australia to New York, Vienna, LA. Now the fun sprouts again! This time, in Paris with a collaboration between Colette, Element, and Amber B.

The Parisian exhibition consists of an installation to be set up in the window of the highly regarded and well respected boutique, Colette! The window display will be erected over the Halloween holiday from the 27th of October with the creative inspiration being centered around the Pagan Halloween game called "Puicini Saucers." The game originated in Ireland, where a person could foresee his future by choosing one of the ingredients found on the Puicini Saucers while blindfolded. A Coin denotes wealth, Water foresees travel, Rosary Beads mean marriage or holy orders, and Earth predicts death... Spooky! The theme of Halloween is carried through the entire display with plenty of ghouls and teeth to be seen, while the entire room will be sewn felt, with the main feature being a huge sewn creature by the name of Mr. Autumn.

Mr. Autumn is a mythological creature whose petals, in the hues of leaves that fall in Autumn, symbolize things that once were, and the possibility of new growth and beginnings. Amber has also collaborated with Element on a limited edition Mr. Autumn skateboard deck (at the top of this post) that was especially designed to accentuate Mr. Autumn's petals and tree like girth. The limited edition skateboards and fan-zine created by Amber B will be available at Colette.

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