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Akomplice X Frank 151 - Nostradamus

Akomplice teams up with Frank 151 for the Nostradamus 2012 collaboration pack. These two long-time associates have created a t-shirt that plays on the mystery of the year 2012. The images within the zero in '2012' represent four Nostradamus prophecies that have already come true: a man on the moon, the assassination of JFK, the atom bomb, and Napoleon's conquest. The graphics also reference the Mayan calendar and its circular cycle that ends on December 21, 2012.,

Also included in the pack is a limited edition scroll with prediction drawings from Nostradamus' personal notebook. Both t-shirt and scroll come packaged in a wooden slide-top box with laser engraved Akomplice X Frank151 logos. The 2012 pack is limited to 25 pieces, sold exclusively on the Akomplice web store.

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