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Air Max Day Overkill Countdown (Am 1)

Air Max Day Overkill Countdown ThumbAir Max Day Overkill Countdown Thumb
Air Max Day Overkill Countdown2
Air Max Day Overkill Countdown1
Air Max Day Overkill Countdown
Air Max Day Overkill Countdown 4
Air Max Day Overkill Countdown 3
Air Max Day Overkill Countdown 2
Air Max Day Overkill Countdown 1

With International a week away, Berlin's Overkill have decided to countdown to the celebrations by sharing some Max memories from their own crew of Air aficionados. Kicking it off is  Overkill's very own Max Queen Mel.

Words by Overkill.
Whether a sneaker collector, fashion lover or sport enthusiast - the Air Max is a sneaker. Now ever present in shoe cupboards across the globe. A sneaker that has become socially acceptable in so many ways, that looks just as good on a man or a woman's feet and still retains functionality. Overkill's first Lady, already a well known sneaker collector starts our Overkill History Countdown with probably the most famous and sought after sneaker silhouettes, the .

A legend, a shoe that changed the sneaker world for ever, my passion, my first love and my only love. In the year 2003 at the tender age of 16, after buying my first Air Max 1 (the wmns SC sport royal), i began my hunt. A hunt for the nowadays most recognisable and in demand sneaker silhouette in history. The shoe that on the 26.03.2014 wrote history.
My love of Air Max started at school at a time everybody was madly into Buffaloes. A 'fad' i couldn't get into myself. I wanted a sporty shoe, a shoe that was more than just a fashion accessory, a timeless and stylish running shoe. My Dad was regularly on business in New York at this time too. He would often bring me the hottest running shoes on his return. As a passionate runner himself, he would often proudly wear the Air max 1 on his feet. This further set alight my passion for the shoe and till now that flame is still burning strong.

I have been collecting sneakers for over 10 years now and can honestly say that without doubt my stand out favourite is still the Air Max 1. I was obsessed with every different Upper - Print & Colour-way and at the same time thrilled at the comfort and exclusivity of some models. To miss a release? at that time unimaginable. I have developed an indescribable passion for the Air Max One and its related history over the years. To this day i still wear a different Air Max 1 on my feet most days of the week. My Motto: Don't stock it. Rock it!

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