Air Jordan 1 LV8D Grey DH7004-100
Air Jordan 1 LV8D Grey DH7004-100
Air Jordan 1 LV8D Grey DH7004-100

The Air Jordan 1 LV8D is All Sole

The latest transfiguration of the Air Jordan 1 is the LV8D (a phonetic version of ‘elevated’), which sees the iconic basketball shoe grafted to a platform sole. Given the very passionate feelings of sneakerheads about any AJ1 that isn’t true to original form, this new modification is sure to rustle some feathers... or perhaps crease a few toe boxes?

From the top down, these AJ1 LV8Ds look just like any other pair of low-cut 1s. This grey and white colourway is rather nice too, almost reminiscent of a reverse ‘Neutral Grey’ OG. That’s where the familiarities stop, as looking at these sneakers from side profile reveals the very obvious enlargement to both midsole height and outsole tread pattern. With the additional real estate to use, there are some necessary adjustments needed to support such a hefty sole. There’s a flex groove on the medial forefoot, while the outsole integrates reliable herringbone traction at the heel. It also enlarges other elements of the original tread, namely the perimeter zones and star pattern toe bumper.

If Supersize Me was a sneaker, it would be this. Expect this Air Jordan 1 LV8D to hit shelves like a tonne of bricks ­– quite literally – in coming months.

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