Air Jordan 1 'Heirloom'
Air Jordan 1 'Heirloom'
Air Jordan 1 'Heirloom'

First Look: Air Jordan 1 'Heirloom'

Jordan Brand have a grip of new Air Jordan 1s set to hit shelves in the next few months, ranging from the stark Air Jordan 1 'Stage Haze' to the PE-inspired Air Jordan 1 'Yellow Toe.' Now, that number is growing by one and it's thanks to an AJ 1 with a unique mix of materials: the 'Heirloom,' revealed by

Most of the time, Michael Jordan's first signature sneaker features an upper that's made fully of leather. However, the 'Heirloom' uses leather as a secondary material, as its base layer is made from black cotton twill. The overlays, however, are constructed of ultra-premium vachetta tan leather, a material we haven't seen on the model since 2015's vachetta ,Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle. Down below, the look is rounded off by white midsoles and sand-coloured outsoles.

At the time of writing the Air Jordan 1 'Heirloom' has yet to receive an official release date, though early reports suggest that it may arrive in September. Info on a retail price is forthcoming as well, but it may be slightly higher than usual to allow for the premium leather overlays.

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