Air Jordan 1 Chicago 1985 Sneaker Freaker Ultimate Sneaker Book
Air Jordan 1 Chicago 1985 Sneaker Freaker Ultimate Sneaker Book
Air Jordan 1 Chicago 1985 Sneaker Freaker Ultimate Sneaker Book

More Details! Possible 2022 Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ Retro

News of this release was first published on March 4, 2022.

Update March 28, 2022: Following the news that October 29 is the release date for the 2022 Air Jordan 1 'Chicago' retro, a few more juicy details have surfaced! Once again, according to @zsneakerheadz this retro iteration will arrive with a vintage feel. The materials will look like they came out of 1985, pre-yellowed midsole and period-correct packaging. They've also stated that all Air Jordan 1 High 85 OGs from now on will boast improved shape and toe boxes. Take all this information with a grain of salt as nothing official has come from Jordan Brand as of yet.

Update March 16, 2022: According to @zsneakerheadz, the Air Jordan 1 'Chicago' retro will land on October 29. However, given Jordan Brand's track record for delayed releases of late, this date is subject to change.

A new rumour has been started that apparently foretells the return of the Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ in 2022. With a generous grain of salt taken with this news, let’s see what is apparently going to come.

This story was first suggested by ,Sneaker Files, whose ‘sources’ inform them that the AJ1 in its OG colourway is coming back for the Holiday 2022 season, which falls around December. While last appearing in 2015, some stringent Jordanheads will argue that this legendary sneaker has yet to be properly executed since its 1995 retro (often attributed as 1994 because of its production date). According to these sources, Jordan Brand will introduce a ‘Reimagined’ silhouette that is supposedly accurate to the model’s 1985 build. This is a little vague, as the original AJ1 was somewhat inconsistent due to it being made across different factories.

Just as interesting is the sub-rumour that this new ‘Chicago’ retro will have faux-vintage distressing to replicate the effect of these shoes having been poorly stored for almost 40 years. Some still don’t see the sense in that treatment, but it looks like Nike are clawing back or ‘borrowing’ some ideas from the custom sneaker scene. With this supposedly higher quality remake is also the possibility of higher retail prices – something that’s been creeping upwards for the past few years.

As the expected release is at least nine months away, let’s see what comes of this so far unsubstantiated rumour. Source: trust me, bro.

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