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Air Jordan 1 'Anodized' Revealed!

Air Jordan 1 'Anodized'
Air Jordan 1 'Anodized'
Air Jordan 1 'Anodized'

Jordan Brand have a bold new Air Jordan 1 colourway on the way that's been dubbed 'Anodized'! Revealed by Dearica Hamby, a Jordan Brand athlete and forward for the WNBA's Las Vegas Aces, the 'Anodized' features a metallic blue-green gradient over much of its upper and midsole and is accented with black suede Swooshes and toeboxes plus black laces and outsoles.

Digging into the science behind this Air Jordan 1's moniker, anodisation is a chemical process that's usually used on metal surfaces. It enhances the durability and corrosion resistance of materials like aluminium and is achieved by putting metal into an acid electrolyte bath, then passing an electric current through its medium. Exactly how this process would be accomplished on a suede and leather sneaker is a question that's better asked of Nike's scientists – so there's a good chance that the 'Anodized' got its nickname because of how it looks, not any special durability-enhancing technology that's involved.

There's currently no release info for the Air Jordan 1 'Anodized' available, and as Hamby is indeed a Jordan Brand athlete, she may have received her pair months ahead of its official release. However, you can keep it locked here for more info on a potential drop as soon as it's made available!

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