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24 Feb 2007

Industry News

AF-1 Leather Accessories Pack


This time around Nike sent us what has to be the best package EVER, given that it wasn't actually shoes!!! This backpack is in honour of the Original Six and features heavy duty premium gold zippers, and the first thing we noticed when we sliced the box was the waft of heavy leather.

"WOW" was our first reaction. And our second. And third.

Upon closer inspection, each and every last detail was tip top. Everything from the stitching to the straps and gold tags was immaculate and the subtle embossed graphic of the 'original six' on the back is the added bonus to what is already something out of the box.

But hang on. Whats this inside the backpack?

A laptop case? Damn. Too cool! But wait...there's more. An iPod/camera case as well? Oh...did we mention the travel wallet too? Thats right. We're not sure of availability or price, as we think they have only been given to One Night Only attendees. Shame...

No sign of our Stash 'Nozzles' as yet. But we'll keep you posted.

24 Feb 2007

Industry News

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