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Aerial 7 X Sbtg X Meth Headphones

Hot on the heels of our very first non-sneaker related colab with AIAIAI, Sneaker customiser/designers Methamphibian (METH) and Sabotage (SBTG) join forces with Lifestyle headphone maker Aerial7 to create a fresh new line of cans. To commemorate the grand opening of Source in Beijing, METH and SBTG gave Aerial7’s new retro-inspired Chopper2 headphone a custom makeover resulting in two limited edition colorways that will be sold exclusively at Source. Specializing in unique footwear customization, the creative duo designed a pair of sneakers to complement the headphones that will also be available at Source in extremely limited quantities. Stay tuned for more details.

“Aerial7 is committed to designing headphones that not only feature industry-best acoustics, but also become iconic fashion accessories,” says Aerial7 co-founder Phil Johnson.  “On its own, the Chopper2 aesthetics are rich and powerfully different than anything on the market.  But when you add in the creative genius of the two most progressive sneaker designers in the world, the result is a true masterpiece.  We are extremely honored to be working with Methamphibian, Sabotage and Source on our first-ever collaborative headphone, and look forward to building with them in the future.”,

Combining the vintage styling of its predecessor with modern engineering, the Chopper2 serves up an immersive sound curve with smooth bass, clean mids and crisp highs.  Its 44mm driver packs a serious audio punch, and its soft, pliable headband and plush ear cushions promote a secure, comfortable fit for extended listening.  Plus, like all Aerial7 headphones, the Chopper2 features a slim in-line microphone that is compatible with all MP3 players and mobile phones, including the iPhoneTM.

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