adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Turtledove' 2022 Release Info
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Turtledove' 2022 Release Info
adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Turtledove' 2022 Release Info

The adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 'Turtle Dove' Retro Has a New Price Point

News on this release was originally published on April 4, 2022.

Update July 19, 2022: As the return of the adidas Yeezy BOOST 350 V2 'Turtledove' draws closer – it's thought to be coming back as part of Yeezy's two-day 'Yeezy Day' festivities on August 1 and 2 – we've been given more info about its return, namely that it should be releasing in a relatively large run of pairs and that it has a new MSRP.

To the first point, Yeezy insider @yeezyinfluence reports that the 'Turtledove' stock is 'more than you would expect' but that it's not a 'GR by any means.' Though this info is somewhat vague, it does indicate that the 'Turtledove' should be easier to obtain than past pairs like the 'Static 3M' or the 'Black Friday' pack. On the second point, the 'Turtledove' will retail for a new $230 price point instead of its original $200 RRP from 2015. Stay tuned for more exact details as the drop draws closer, and be sure to check out the original article below to get the backstory!

Though Kanye West and adidas kicked off their Yeezy partnership with the Yeezy BOOST 750, the shoe that really made it soar was the Yeezy BOOST 350 'Turtle Dove.' First released on June 27, 2015, the 'Turtle Dove' was the first Yeezy BOOST 350 to ever come to market, paving the way for a silhouette series that still offers the line's most popular products. Now, the 'Turtledove' is set to return to the market for the first time ever and an inaugural look at its 2022 retro has been provided by @solebyjc.

Any Yeezy leak has to be taken with a healthy pinch of salt, especially the 'Turtle Dove.' There was a frenzy around its potential return in 2018, caused by adidas uploading official product images – a move that turned out to be purely for archival purposes. This time around, the rumours of a bringback seem to have more merit to them: besides these photos, another leaker who goes by @yeezymic posted photos of a swatch of 'Turtle Dove' fabric last week. Of course, the pair pictured above could just be a deadstock 2015 pair as well! It wouldn't be a Yeezy restock without a little bit of intrigue.

Either way, this (potential) 2022 'Turtle Dove' is identical to its 2015 counterpart, from its signature grey and black pattern to its opaque, BOOST-filled cream midsole and the red line stitched onto its heel tab. Some commenters on the Instagram post shown above have noted that its overall shape appears to be different from the first release, but this could be a product of a sizing difference as well – smaller Yeezys often appear slightly different form-wise from their larger counterparts.

Get a look at the 'Turtle Dove' above, and look for a potential return either sometime in April or on August 2 (Yeezy Day). Can't wait for the restock? Hit GOAT or Flight Club now to secure your pair!

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