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adidas Will Retro The First Ever NMD A Year After Its Release

Oh what a year it’s been for the NMD. Since its release in 2015 the shanked nomad has stolen hearts and bank balances as it soared to heights of popularity unprecedented for a new silhouette since maybe the first Jordans.

The model has manifolded into a Chukka, City Sock and the new XR1 – with each filling more foldout chairs than a camping convention. Now, after claiming its place in the annals of sneaker blogs, adidas have announced that they will be giving the very first nomad a retro. The red and blue shanks and the timeless black and white will once again be blessing the NMD and retailers will reportedly be stocking it on December 15.

The only caveat is that adidas is yet to confirm the release, but stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated as more info arises.

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