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adidas Tried To Stop PUMA From Using BOOST Tech And Got Shut Down

Puma and adidas share some key things: lineage, location and now, Boost technology. Team Trefoil and Puma have been in a legal dispute in which adidas have been trying to refuse Puma the right to use Boost technology in their NRGY line, but a German court has just said 'nein' to all of that, and ruled in Puma's favour.

Forbes is reporting that the dispute came about after both companies began working with German chemical firm, BASF. In the beginning, both Puma and adidas had commissioned the company to make the light, energy-returning technology that we now know as Boost. Then, in 2011, adidas threw a cheque at the company big enough to secure an exclusive deal. Puma backed off a little and rest is hypebeast history, the Boost range bolstering adidas' clout and sales, and not much attention has been paid to Puma's NRGY sneakers.

However, now that adidas' injunction has been denied, Puma plans to role out the line that employs similar tech more aggressively. Stylistically, the NRGY shares a lot with the Ultra Boost, but coming in at around $100USD, it will undercut the Ultra Boost by half.

If you're feeling the look, you can grab the Puma NRGY V2 from Puma's online store now.

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