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The adidas Superstar Platform Reaches New Heights

adidas Superstar Platform Black
adidas Superstar Platform Black
adidas Superstar Platform Black

There is a heavily debated theory that the reason giraffes have long necks is because they evolved over many generations to reach leaves, therefore ensuring their survival. Loosely analogous to this is taller members of the human species being socially favoured over those of lesser height. In short, it seems that everybody just wants to be taller. And this adidas Superstar Platform will definitely give anyone wearing them a leg up.

Platform shoes aren’t new. They had a moment beginning from the 1950s right through to the 1980s. Sneakers with super tall soles were all the rage (again) just a few short years ago, so perhaps adidas are arriving to the platform party fashionably late with this new Superstar. Which, by the way, has previously been released in heightened form. Even so, this edition is extra extra tall, with probably the equivalent of three midsoles stacked together. Instead of one thick rubber slab, there is some textural detail via the deep crevice running along the heels, plus the usual herringbone style outsole is replaced with a ripple tread that turns into a rocking forefoot section.

Looking from the top down, these appear to be just another pair of Superstars – talk about deceiving appearances. Keep an eye out for these in the near future. They’ll be impossible to miss, that’s for sure.

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