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Adidas Wsp Berlin 2012 1
Adidas Originals Wsp Brazil 3
Oh Mama Crew Norway Adidas Originals Wsp 1
Adidas Originals White Space Project 1
Bubujojo Taiwan Adidas Originals 1
,China Wsp Bing Bing Yan Wei 1
Coco Breezy Usa Adidas Wsp 1
Kyary Japan Adidas White Space Project 1

adidas Originals White Space Project (Wrap-Up)

Earlier this year adidas launched the Originals White Space Project encouraging girls from around all over to #represent and get creative in their "white spaces" across the planet. Now that the White Space Project has come to an end adidas reveal their wrap-up video. It's not completely over though – next it will be the boys turn to get busy and #represent their crew. Stay tuned for more details and check out other info at adidas Originals #WSP.

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