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05 Apr 2007

Industry News

adidas Originals Store Nz


Located on the corner of Willis and Mercer Streets in Wellington, the new adidas Originals Concept Store showcases a number of collaborations with famous artists, sportspeople and musicians including the Missy Elliot collection and the Sleek/Fafi range, designed by French artist Fafi.

There's also showcases based on fashion from around the globe in the 1970s and 1980s such as Safety and Frezeit. Created in Japan in the 1980's, 'Safety' was designed to be tough wearing product for manual labourers and has been reinterpreted into a streetwear range. "Frezeit, which is German for recreation or leisure, is a clean and elegant range that encompasses every thing that is preppie and classic from the 70s and 80s.

The store is also set to stock the new Ali Core Values range, a collaboration with six well-known artists who transform Ali's six core values - respect, confidence, dedication, giving, spirituality and conviction, into works of art featuring Muhammad Ali himself.

Aside from that there'll be all the adidas Originals product you'll ever need. And then some.

05 Apr 2007

Industry News

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