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Adidas House Party The Game 1
Adidas House Party The Game 1
Adidas House Party The Game 1

adidas House Party - The Game

They may be 60 years old this year, but adidas keep on truckin' with their year-long adidas House Party events. After the brand smashed out a worldwide tour of the 6009 House parties, the three stripe soldiers are now giving everyone and anyone the chance to hold their own virtual shindig. Taking kookiness to a new level, partygoers can customise their own ‘aditar', so whether you choose to look like a ‘Thriller’ fool or fancy yourself with some B-boy cool, there’s no limit to how outrageous you can go. Just remember, there’s no dress code at this party!

To top it all off, the more people you invite to your party the better your chances of winning a trip to Tinstletown. Yep, that’s right, on offer for the biggest bash thrown is a ticket to L.A. where you will get to party hard with lady-killer and lens lurker Mark The Cobrasnake. All you have to do is sign up to the adidas House Party, create your aditar, invite everyone you know (via MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and any other media outlet you can get your hands on) and get your booty poppin! What a way to celebrate 60 years in the sneaker game – HOLLA!

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